Spring? Spring!

Spring has been a long time coming

this year

but finally Nature

has begun to awaken. Forsythia is blooming

even when covered with

snow, and I have seen

daffodils and azaleas,

and dandelions are dotting

the grass. On my way to work

I have seen groundhogs

and last night

coming home

a rabbit barely missed being






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Time has run out

on me again and this

time it took my morning

with it. They are gone, but where?

And when? I don’t remember

seeing them leave. Two hours

ago there was lot of

time and now there

is none because it is

time for me to go

get dressed and get

in the car to punch the

time clock.


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is never neat. It is

scribbled words on scrap

paper and ink-stained

fingers and fingers

sticky with glue. It is

paint that won’t come off

your cuticles and clothes

that are more colorful

than when you bought them.

It is slivers of paper on the floor

and a Technicolor stainless

steel sink and a messy desk and

“oh god I hope I didn’t

get paint in the mashed potatoes.”



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Meditation on Bronchitis


Take a deep breath, let it


slowly. Feel it

drain away

your stress and fears and…

It sounds so simple.

And it is


breathing out does not happen

slowly but


in a rasping painful

cough that empties the lungs until

you struggle to fill them again only

to have the same result

an endless cycle of trying

to not breathe in so you

don’t have to

breathe out.




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Feeling like…

Today is not

a day to be

healthy. Today

I feel like

death and death

wants chocolate

ice cream and

tortilla chips and

good things

that aren’t good

for me. And today

death gets

what death wants.

And maybe tomorrow

I will feel

like health




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The Spirit Is Willing

I stared

at a blank sheet of scrap

paper and it

stared back. In my mind

I wrote on it – words to continue

novels in progress.  The paper

remained uncluttered

by ink, my body too tired

to obey my muse,

my mind too tired

to make it. Perhaps


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Can’t sleep
counting sheep.
Sleepy sheep
can’t sleep. Words
in my head
an unruly flock
of sleepless sheep.

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