Spam 2018


I am here for the first time.

It’s truly very difficult

in this full of activity

life to listen to

news on Television.

found this board

and I find it really useful and it
helped me a lot a lot.

I hope

to give something back

and help others like you
helped me. There are,

after all,

some detrimental points to freelancing.


Another NaPoWriMo has come to a close. In keeping with my month-end tradition, I give you a poem untangled from spam comments that made it through WordPress’s filter.

See you all in 11 months!




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Last Hurrah?

Just when I think

that spring has sprung, winter


another (unwelcome) surprise

with a trip back

to the 30s

(temperature, not

decade) and a spitting

of snow and I am glad

I have not yet

put the baby lilacs



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Sorry, Not Sorry

My neighbors have

a toddler who was in

fine voice this afternoon. I

am working night shift

and was trying to sleep

while she was shrieking

and her parents

did nothing. I feel

sorry for the child but she

is the reason I don’t feel

sorry when my

dogs bark.

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Ear Worm

Go away. I don’t care

how sweet you’ll look

upon the seat

of a bicycle built

for two, and why

did I wake up with

it playing

in an unending loop

in my brain?



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Every turn of the wheel
takes me
to where I want to be.
where I want to be
is home.
Home. Not
on the endless road,
driving for eternity,
trying to reach
my final


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Drowned Worms

I left work last night

and noticed worms

on the sidewalk.


Drowned by the rains

that bring


to everything else.

Dead worm are always

a sign

of spring.

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How can such a grey day

make everything so green?

Falling rain makes me sleepy

but wakes the sleeping plants,

rouses flowers from their beds,

coloring my dreams of spring.

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