Rainbow Lies

Sunrise spread

a pale blush against

blue/grey/purple clouds,

a golden glow forcing its way

into the morning, almost too


to bear. Another

color caught my eye: a column of

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

rose to my left, greeting the day with a promise


It is raining.


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Today was a long day

that sped by in a blur

of motion and noise, but

when I started for home

I was weary, ready

to drop

into the sleep

of the dead but

my dogs were waiting for me

and there was laundry to do and

supper to cook

and eat and clean up

and lunch to prepare for tomorrow

and there is no rest

for the weary or

the wicked.

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The sun is so bright I

can barely see to drive but

behind me in the west are dark

clouds that promise the threatened storms.

The sun plays

hide and seek

with the clouds

patches of blue sky the prize.

The sun loses.

I hear thunder, low and distant, a

quiet growl. The sky darkens more,

rain splatters, lightning splits the sky,

thunder rattles the earth, the rain slaps me.

And then

there is sun. And rain.

And if you don’t like it,


It will change.

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I don’t want to go to bed.

Going to bed

means the end

of my (long) weekend

and the start

of another week. Sometimes

I think

it would be easier

without weekends to break up

the drudgery, but then,

halfway through

the first day back

I am counting the days

until the weekend comes




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Easter Dinner

Hours of




all gone

in a matter of moments.

All that remains

are leftovers and


of cleaning up.

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The day before

Easter we get up early

and drive to my home town

to a chocolate company: CharVal.

It is our tradition, just as CharVal

chocolate has been a tradition

in my family. I do not remember

an Easter basket

without a CharVal bunny

and a cow (milk

chocolate with white chocolate

markings), and filled eggs, and

at Christmas, a box of mixed

chocolates – nuts and nougats – and

always, under the tree, a package,

its wrapping hiding the white box

with CharVal on it. I always knew

what was inside. Christmas after

Christmas, year after year, the


underwear box.


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Wonderful Rain

It rained today.

A dull, tiring rain.

The kind of rain

that makes you want

to stay home and drink

tea and read, but

I had

places to go,

things to do,

people to see,

(some by the happy coincidence

of being

in the right place

at the right time).

I hope

the next rainy day

is just as


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