Death Warmed Over

… and left to congeal again.  All

I want is life

or death


this halfway state

that is commonly known

as the common


(Yeah. I felt like crap all day. This is the best I could come up with for a poem and I’m afraid to see what I’ve written for Camp NaNoWriMo…)

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I had a dream…

I was in a
the floor was light yellow-beige wood and I was
rolling down a grassy hill.  Other people
were watching but some
were playing volleyball. And all
I could think about was
“I wan to go home.”


(This was an actual dream.  I have no idea how I was in a gymnasium and rolling down a hill at the same time, but I was.) 

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Earth Day 2014

Around me is one
There is no other

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is a cat.  It comes not

when called, nor does it

do what you want.  No.  Inspiration

comes when it will, and how it will, and

if it will, and you

had best pay homage to it,

and worship it,

and be humbled by the very fact that it

has deigned to grace you with its presence.

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To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

Sleep is something I think

I did once

upon a time,

a long time ago.  But the memory

is clouded by wakefulness

and I can only dream

of the non-existence

that I remember.

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You don’t mean to hurt me.

You only

want to love me and

to be loved in return.   And I do.

I love

the way you tickle me with light

touches and the way you explore

my body and the way you

are so happy and excited

when you see me.

But you do not


the pain

you cause

when I am

without you.

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A room full of people and I

know no one.

I know one –

but you have left me


And I am


stuck here where

I know no one



I know no one.
I know myself.

Therefore it follows:

I am
no one.

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